Posted on: 6 February, 08

I’ve been fighting off this flu-like viral thing since Saturday.  (Allegedly, it’s not technically the flu, but fever, head ache, sore throat, cough, exhaustion…hmmmm, you do the math.)  Call it what you want….it’s not fun.  Yesterday, I cut out a shirt for J.  Had to take nap afterwards.  Today, I went to the post office….and had to take a nap.  But tonight is Project Runway.  Am I going to bed early so I can rest?  Absolutely not.  It’s Project Runway night!! Hubski is not happy with me.  He doesn’t get Project Runway or my deep allegiance to Tim Gunn.  We compromised.  I agreed to not work tomorrow so I can rest after staying up late to Project Runway.

A girl’s gotta have her priorities straight. Project Runway is a priority for this girl.

PS Don’t fret about my health.  Both boys had this same viral thing.  Based on their experience, I in the home stretch.  Another day or two and I will be right as rain.  (What does that mean, anyway?)


1 Response to "Priorities"

I have the same thing! And I stayed up to watch PR too! I told DH that if we go to NYC this summer I have to go to Mood Fabrics, and now Spandex House! I stayed home today and worked a few hours from home. If I get a decent night’s sleep I’ll go in tomorrow.

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