Middle School + Valentine’s Day = Drama

Posted on: 12 February, 08

I will be so glad when this week is over. The students are just bouncing off the wall over Valentine’s Day. The chorus group is selling singing valentine’s as a fundraiser. They go around during homeroom to deliver the valentines. Of course, there is always one girl who gets tons and the rest are left feeling ugly and unworthy. There is lots of blushing and pretending to be embarrassed, but, of course, she is just reveling in all the attention.

The student council is selling chocolate roses and small gifts for a fundraiser. The students can go to the “store” during lunch. There is much angst over which stuffed bear to buy. There is also much jealousy over who has money to shop and who doesn’t.

Because the students think they are suppose to have a special someone on Valentine’s Day, relationships are being forged and broken at lightening speed. Fred and Sue might start dating in 2nd period, but Sue tosses Fred aside by 3rd period because Harvey asks her to go out with him. Shards of broken hearts litter the hallways like glitter.

4 Responses to "Middle School + Valentine’s Day = Drama"

Thank goodness my kids highschool doesn’t make a big thing out of it. My DS finally gave in and got his girlfriend (of 3 months! wow) a present but this was after they debated whether to break up so they didn’t have to spend money, lol. I don’t think it occurred to either of them that they could just not buy anything.

I so do not miss that age!!!

We’ve survived it twice more (after our own middle school dramz) and I’m dreading going through it with L.

Ugh,, I know. I told dd to go in with a friend and buy each other a carnation from beta club so that she and her friend would each have one and wouldn’t feel left out. What do the kids with no extra cash do? It’s terrible. . .

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