Que Pasa?

Posted on: 15 February, 08

Allegedly, this is a sewing blog.  So, where is the sewing lately?  My machines are gathering dust, much to my distress.  There is a weird viral “flu-like” thing going around school.  C had it before winter break and missed almost two weeks of school.  J had it not long after that.  Then it was my turn a couple weeks ago.  This thing starts with a sore throat, a couple days a mild fever, then the cough sets in.  The common element during the whole ordeal is exhaustion.  We are talking about “sleeping 18 to 20 hours a day” exhaustion. 

I thought I was on the mend earlier this week.  I worked four days this week because so many teachers are out with the same icky virus.  I was suppose to work today, but yesterday afternoon the all too familiar exhaustion began settling into my bones.  By dinner time, my throat was raging again.  C left school early yesterday because his throat was also inflamed.  Today, the two of us spent the day as shapeless lumps under blankets.  We were both so relieved when J returned from school.  At last, someone to tend to us!  J fetched us ice chips and made dinner while trying to complete his homework.  I would give him a hug, but I don’t want to pass on this ick. 

Please don’t abandon me, my faithful blog readers.  I will sew again.  I will post photos again.  Many of you have left lovely comments recently that I do want to reply to.  However, time and energy are lacking.  If I have any energy, I am working because so many teachers are sick.  If I am at home, it is because I do not have the energy to work…or blog.  I am so far behind on blog reading too.  So, if I have not commented on your blog recently….see the aforementioned excuses reasons.  My Bloglines has about a zillion unread posts.  Ditto on the email.  Don’t even ask about the laundry. 

Ok, I’ve been sitting up for about 20 minutes….time for another nap. 


8 Responses to "Que Pasa?"

I hope everyone is soon healthy and back to their routines!

Take care of yourself, teri, and we will be here when you are back and healthy. I for one, wouldn’t want to miss any of your creativity!

Stay warm and I hope you feel better soon.

We have something similar at our small school. Half or more of my younger son’s class has been out this week; we’ve had staff members in and out (fortunately not half out at a time, as we don’t have many substitutes – only 10 staff, and two are part-time…). Weird virus – sore throat, varying degrees of nasal congestion, cough, fatigue…but usually no temperature. Two different types of flu – stomach flu, and type a influenza (with the warning to be extremely aware of dehydration, even adults are becoming severely dehydrated). The public high school was considering closing last week.

So, may we all get better soon!

Oh, man – I’m sorry to hear that you still aren’t feeling well. That’s stinky. Hope you are on the mend soon and able to get back to sewing πŸ™‚ g

Take care of yourself. Take it easy and rest. I think I am finally over it, but it really took a long time.

Teri…Rest up! Being sick stinks!

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

With friendship,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been sick and are feeling poorly again. That crud has been going around here too; either the flul or just a cold with the same exhaustion. Ugh! I hope it leaves your family and never comes back.

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