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Posted on: 19 February, 08

On the Ottobre-English sewing list, we were discussing sewing room organization.  Mine is not totally organized since I changed room recently six months ago.  However, it has not stopped me from sewing.

This is the smallest bedroom in the house.  At first, I was a little discouraged by the size.  I quickly learned that a smaller sewing room meant accumulating less junk.  I also realized not everything has to be stored in the sewing room.  The large closet in the study downstairs is perfect for fabric and notions.  When starting a project, I go shopping in the closet for whatever supplies might be needed. 

This is the view from the doorway.  The walls are a soft pink.  New curtains are definitely needed, but I have yet to find what I want. Yes, I could make them, but home dec is insanely boring for me.  There has not been much time shopping.  The windows let in tons of light during the day. 

As you walk in, there is a double door closet immediately to the right.  Fabric, thread, Ottobre magazines, and interfacings are stored in the closet.  There is also other miscellaneous household stuff in there.  It is easy enough to move the ironing board out of the way to get full access to the closet.  The tank for the steam generator iron stays on the wire shelving because it tends get a bit warm.  I did not want to risk having the heat damage the wood cabinet.  That cabinet actually has no sewing stuff.  It is there because it really does not work anywhere else in the house.  It stores seasonal items, large platters, and gift wrap supplies.  Hubski and the boys put items to be mended on the wire shelves.  I get to them eventually.

In the plastic drawers under the cutting table, I store elastics, cutting/tracing tools, and other sewing tools.  The window sill is the perfect place to store a roll of STP.  The extra rolls are in the study’s closet.  The binders contain photocopies of my pattern inventory and my fabric swatch cards.  As I cut out, the scraps are tossed into the box under the cutting table.  When the box is full, I take donate it to the home ec teacher at school.  Yes, that is a Hello Kitty trash can peeking out.  🙂

There is not much room between the sewing machine table and the cutting table, but it is enough for me.  The close quarters make it easy to grab things from either table as I work. The embroidery machine is tucked in the corner and is pulled out when it is needed.  I have thought about putting in a closet, but then I might forget to use it.  I definitely need shelves on this wall.  Hubski has offered to put them up, but finding the time is the problem.  The surge protectors are on top of the tables for easy access.  If a thunderstorm is expected, I can quickly unplug all of the machines.  Most of my fabric is in large tubs under the sewing tables.  There is also a two drawer file cabinet under there which houses my patterns. 

And in this corner….is my “office” area.  The “hutch” is just small shelving units that were on the floor in the boys’ playroom.  The magazine boxes need to be moved.  They are rather heavy and difficult to move easily.  I live in fear of dropping one of them on my computer monitor.  Only active files are kept on my desk.  Inactive files are kept in a storage area.  I want to recover the chair, but not really sure how to do it.  The printer is under the table.  Hubski worried that it would be too inaccessible.  In six months, there has only been one time when I wished it were some place else.  The lack of drawers was a challenge for things like pens, paper clips, etc, but everything is finding a home.  The grey bag on the floor is my “teacher bag.”  I keep it stocked with the things I will need if I get called to substitute.  The stack of stuff next to my doll is Science Night materials which will be gone from my desk on Thursday.  My doll is there to remind me that she needs some new clothes. 

Last, but not least, is my Pfaff serger which usually stays set up for cover stitching.  Yes, there is more fabric under that table.  On the floor, next to the table, is my paper shredder and recycling bin.  They fit perfectly in that spot. 

It is not a big room, but big enough.  When I have had bigger rooms, I simply collected more stuff.  A smaller space encourages me to think carefully before bringing something home.  If one of the guys wants to hang out with me, they pull in a chair from the room across the hall.  I would like a little artwork on the walls, new curtains, and some shelving.  However, I do love having some blank spaces.  Too much clutter and stuff is distracting to me.  As convenient as peg board storage is for many sewing tools, I don’t like the clutter on the walls.  My eyes need a blank to rest from time to time. 

So, that’s a peek into my little sewing world.  What does yours look like?


4 Responses to "Take a Peek"

Great sewing room… Mine is too messy to post pictures of! I have too much craft stuff in there too…. and how I wish the room had a closet – we have none in the basement.

And instead of curtains I have an OLD sheet partially hanging on the wall for a curtain! I really need curtains, but left the fabric for the curtain at the cabin and need to get a curtain rod as the window is 8ft long!

On the subject of recovering the chair, here’s some tips from my mum that you can play around with: That looks like an office style chair with a plastic casing around the back & base? Cut a circle’ish shape of fabric in the shape of the upholstered section. Elasticate around the edges (a casing is probably easiest). Use a chopstick, butter knife or some other thin blunt object to poke it in between the plastic & the existing fabric. Depending on the exact shape, you may be able to just slip the seat part over the whole seat. She found that knits worked best – she used panne velvet I think. HTH 🙂 Mel

Reply to Mel.J: ooooh… this idea. I thought I could shove the fabric between the cushion and the plastic part but couldn’t figure out how to keep in there. The elastic would probably work. I think I will try it with a scrap to see how it holds up. Probably start with the seat since that would be the first part to come loose. If it works, i’ll invest in a really pretty fabric. Might even get some of that spray paint for plastic and get rid the black part.

Love it!!! The pink walls are great! I agree…a room too big encourages too much clutter.

Thanks for letting me peek into your world!

With friendship,

hey I’m jealous, you can WALK in your room. My craft room requires gymnastic abilities!! Great place to call your own!!

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