Good News & Bad News

Posted on: 26 February, 08

First the good news.  I sewed yesterday!  I ignored the phone when it rang with calls for subbing jobs.  I ignored the laundry that needed to be done and the floors that needed to be mopped.  I sewed and it felt good.  C now has a new sweatshirt.  There is no photo yet because he wore it to school today.  Now it needs to be washed before being photographed.  However, it was a success because he was quite pleased.

The next bit of news is a mix of good and bad.  On the positive side, the low carb diet has helped Hubski’s health issues.  He has also lost over 12 pounds.  Since it is working, he is going to continue with it.  That is sort of bad news for this carb lover.

The diet is contagious, which is the bad news.  Though I have still been eating carbs, I have cut back.  We use to eat lots of pasta.  I don’t bake nearly as often as I did before.  No more “pancakes for dinner.”  Now dinner is frequently chicken or steak, a salad, and another vegetable.  I noticed that I have keep pulling up my jeans because they are sliding off.  J has been complaining that I feel bony when he hugs me.  I seldom weigh myself, but thought perhaps it was time.  I have lost 5 pounds!  For me, that is bad news, very bad news.

This girl needs a doughnut….or a dozen.


4 Responses to "Good News & Bad News"

Oh yeah you for sewing and ignoring all those other “duties” – wish I could do the same! And go eat a dozen donuts, I’ll come help you! 🙂

Glad you got some sewing done. And I’ll be happy to send you a dozen donuts to help get your weight back up.

I would be happy to be a fat donor for you!!

Good for you – both for sewing and for losing the weight. I’ll send you all my donuts. I don’t need them. 🙂

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