Almost Sewing

Posted on: 2 March, 08

An actual stitch has not been sewn yet, but I am getting closer.  I traced and started cutting out Design #4 from the 02/08 issue of Ottobre Woman.  I am stalling on the sleeves while I contemplate design choices.  Yes, I am deviating from the pattern.  🙂

My original plan was to finish this top to wear to work tomorrow.  Instead, I spent most of the day with C.  He has to watch the movie Gandhi for a school project.  Yes, yet another school project suck up our whole weekend.  Yesterday, I had to drive to another town to find a copy of Gandhi.  That was after trying to recover J’s documents from the black hole of Connect2School. 

Fabulous movie.  Ben Kingsley was amazing.  Long movie, especially on DVD with all the extra stuff.  The boys and I curled with blankets and pillows for a large portion of the day.  Gandhi was a truly incredible human being.  Watching the movie together, prompted some great conversations.  As much as I adore squishy little babies, I would not trade today for anything.  C commented that we need another Gandhi to resolve the conflicts in the world.  Perhaps we need world leaders to curl up with blankets and pillows to watch Gandhi

There were so many great quotes in the movie, but two stood out.  He was talking about a song he sang in temple as a child.  Part of a verse said a good disciple “bows to all and despises none.”  We need to be more respectful of everyone around us and hate no one.  When discussing revenge, he said, “An eye for an eye until the whole world is blind.” 

Now, I am off to bed with a steamy mug of Mexican hot chocolate, my new favorite warm beverage.  Perhaps there will be sewing tomorrow.  We shall see how much energy I have after teaching art all day.



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1 Response to "Almost Sewing"

Mmmm now I know what I’m drinking tonight. . .I had forgotten about the Mexican hot chocolate in my cupboard. 🙂

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