Posted on: 5 March, 08

Another season of Project Runway is over.  What ever will I do with my Wednesday nights?  (Sleep might be a good start….)  Christian won, which did not surprise me.  I think his personality had a lot to do with it.  There was something endearing about his over confidence.  He reminded of a little boy who uses a towel as a super hero cape and proudly proclaims that he will save the universe from evil…..and totally believes it.  His collection had some amazing individual pieces.  However, it was very repetitive…lots of black jackets with skinny black pants.  Not very many women can wear that look.  Christian is drama and designs drama, which makes for excellent television.

Jillian bored me from day one.  Her designs were not ugly; some were quite attractive.  Jillian is a fatalist.  Everything is doom and gloom.  Lighten up, honey….it will all be okay.  Her collection was random, not at all cohesive.  She had a couple of killer jackets, but there were also some bizarre pieces like the gold lame mini dress that reminded of a super hero costume from KMart.

Ok, you have probably figured out that Rami is my guy….has been from the beginning.  His attention to detail is phenomenal.  I would love to see his work up close.  I bet every seam is finished to perfection.  His evening wear….any adjective I can think of is inadequate.  Michael Kors never liked him from day one.  The way Kors constantly snarked on the draping makes me think Kors is jealous, very jealous that he can’t drape like that.  I so wanted Rami to win.  Hopefully just being on Project Runway will help Rami get the business he so richly deserves.

My personal disappointment….I can’t quite make it work.  I am working on a top from the latest Ottobre Woman.  Thus far, I have tried two different neckline treatments.  Not happy with either one.  I am awfully close to just slapping FOE on it and calling it done.  Perhaps FOE is what needs to be there.  As Tim would say, “Don’t over design it.  Pull it back.”


5 Responses to "Disappointments"

I’m still waiting for my Ottobre to make it this far around the world. Which top are you making? I look forward to seeing the end result. As for Project Runway, it’ll probably be a few more months before we get that downunder too. By then I’ll have forgotten the names, lol.

We were pulling for Rami at our house. His details are incredible. it might just be what he needs as a jumping off point.

I couldn’t agree with you more about Project Runway and it’s finalists….Rami is the man! The only thing I didn’t like were his weird color choices (those blues and burgundy)…otherwise, he’s is an amazing designer.

Chrisitan is too over the top for the ordinary woman…this cliente will most likely be the likes of Beckham.

Julian was a worry wart…definitely dismal at best.

HaHa…I’m sitting here trying to decide on a neckline finish for a top I’m working on and FOE is winning at the moment…but I haven’t mastered FOE, so I’m a little hesitant…ugh!

Happy Sewing!

With friendship,

I agree with you completely on all three contestants. 🙂

Oh, thos Rami colors were awful, werent’ they? Nice clothes though, such intersting seaming. I liked Jillian’s collection best. But over the course of the show I did like Christian’s most consistently.

Try Top Chef now that PR is done. It’s a great show. And I hate, hate, hate, to cook!

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