What Not to Pack

Posted on: 9 March, 08

My friend’s husband is an intelligent human being.  He made it through medical school, so must be smart, right?  Today, I am questioning this.  Yesterday, he was returning from a business trip.  For some reason that makes no sense to me, he puts his car keys in his suitcase when he travels.  Yes, in the suitcase that he checks as baggage with the airlines.  Guess which suitcase the airlines lost?  No one was home, so he had to a taxi home.  Oh, and to add to the fun, he has that same icky viral thing that my family had.

Today, he was too sick to go back to the airport to retrieve his car, so I give my friend a ride to the airport.  The only information she has as to the location of the car is “on the 5th level, near the elevators.”  Row number?  Could we get a row number?  Nope.  We drive around and around and around, looking for the car.  Just as we were all getting nauseous from driving around in circles, we spot the car.

So, what lesson did we learn here?  Do not pack your car keys in your checked luggage.  I can laugh at it because it wasn’t *my* husband who did this.  I can’t wait to see my friend’s husband again.  He will get grief about this for a long, long time.


2 Responses to "What Not to Pack"

LOL, I will have to show this to my Hubby. Last time he flew he put his wallet and cellphone etc in his overnight bag which he then checked in (so he wouldn’t have to be botherd with it). Luckily this time they din’t lose it but it seems to be tempting fate to me!

heh. this sounds like something I would be writing about — welcome to the dark side ms. t! ::laughing::

I once drove around a parking garage for 45 minutes “helping” someone WHO PARKED THERE EARLIER IN THE DAY get to her car. We finally had to ask an attendant to help us — which consisted of him driving slowly in a golf cart and we following (even more slowly) in an SUV.

Ugh. I feel your pain.

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