Ottobre 02/08 #4

Posted on: 11 March, 08

At long last, a post with a photo. Bet you thought I forgot how to do that. The pattern is Design #4 from the 02/08 issue of Ottobre Woman. In the magazine, it is shown as a “workout wear,” but I wanted something a little less sporty…and long sleeves. The green fabric is a cotton rib knit that has aged nicely in my stash. The black is a very sheer knit that I purchased a Fabrix in San Francisco. It is way to sheer to be used alone, so I used as an overly with the green. The bodice of the top sewed up easily. I totally love that the seams on the side match perfectly. Ottobre drafting is a thing of beauty.

The neckline proved problematic. Entirely user error. I thought about a small ruffled edging, but it looked too frilly for me. The I tried a sort of twisted treatment. The double layer proved too dark. It lost the sheer effect like that of the bodice. Traditional binding techniques would also be double layered. The neckline was getting a little stretched out from all the ripping. I attached clear elastic to stabilize the neckline. Given how rib knits can stretch, this was probably a smart pre-emptive strike anyway. Finally, the light bulb went off. I sewed the binding to right side using a very narrow zig zag and a half inch seam allowance. I trimmed the binding seam allowance away as close to the stitching as possible. Then I folded the binding over the rib knit seam allowance and to the wrong side. I then top stitched from the front along the very edge of the seam. The excess seam allowances was trimmed away on the inside. I am really happy with the way it turned out….dressier than a regular tee, but not too fussy for school.

I have sketches in my head of another version of this, perhaps sleeveless for summer.


7 Responses to "Ottobre 02/08 #4"

That looks really nice. Love the sheer over the green.

Beautiful version of this top!!!

Great idea with the overlay. Very cute top

Fabulous Teri!

Love the sheer fabric over the green…very effective detail!

Pam from ~Off The Cuff Style~

That turned out cute! I bought that mag at Expo now I’m gonna have to start using it! g

Love it!!! It came out great!

With friendship,

Teri, great top! As I was reading your neck binding saga I could definately identify with the rip and stretch problems. Here’s a thought… ir you do this again….you could sew the sheer binding to the wrong side, wrap it to the front and leave the edge free. This would work if you cut it “facing shaped” rather than straight and would give a sort of deconstructed look if you like that….I presume the sheer knit is totally ravel free.

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