Ala Mode and Albert

Posted on: 14 March, 08

This is going to separate my geeky friends from my cool friends….

Today is National Pi Day.  That is “pi” as in the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, not “pie” as in apple, blueberry etc.  If that isn’t enough to make your pocket protector go pitter patter, it is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.  What a lucky dude to be born on 3-14.  Very cool birth date. 

We are holding out for the big celebration in 2015.  The date will be 3-14-15 which are the first five digits of pi.  Of course the party will have to commence at 9:26…the next 3 digits of pi.  Yes, geeks think about these things.  Today, we shall celebrate Pi Day, we will go out for pizza and have apple pie for dessert.  We shall raise our forks in honor of Albert and math geeks everywhere.  

I know…the cool kids are rolling their eyes.      


3 Responses to "Ala Mode and Albert"

My daughters had pi day at school today, one recited (from memory) 128 digits of pi, that tied her for first. Thanks for all the fun facts, I will pass it on to my daughters.

Reply to Lori: 128 digits!?!?! That is amazing. I have a hard time remembering my phone number. 🙂

What fun! I didn’t realize there was a ‘day’ for pi, I just remember my dad singing the digits for us as he went about his daily business. 🙂

YAY for pi day! I am a high school math teacher and we celebrated it as well!

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