Sew Cute!

Posted on: 15 March, 08

What do I love more than as much as fabric?  Cute little containers to organize things….especially sewing things.  It has been a rough couple of weeks, but the organizing gods smiled down upon me.  A desperate run to Walmart was vastly improved when I stumbled across these little buckets in the Easter basket aisle.  It was pure kismet that I found them because I usually skip the Easter basket aisle.  They had these adorable little buckets in pink, blue, yellow, and green….nice shades, not your typically washed out Easter-y pastels.  At $1 a piece, I picked up 4 even though I only had an intended use for one.  I plan to pad the bottom of one and use it to hold my scissors.   This little find dramatically improved my mood.  I barely noticed all the screaming toddlers.  I always say, “A trip to Walmart isn’t complete without encountering at least one screaming toddler.” 





A few days later, the boys begged me to take them to IHOP for dinner.  The nearest IHOP is a long drive which was not particularly appealing after a very long day.  However, the thought of cooking dinner was even less appealing.  After we stuffed ourselves with pancakes, eggs, and bacon, the boys asked to stop by Target for some school supplies.  Not being one to ever stand between a child and his education, we go to Target despite my sincere desire to fall into a post-pancake coma.  Remembering my lucky find in Walmart, we strolled through the Easter basket aisles.  I literally squealed when I saw these little beauties.   They were with the little refillable eggs.  I am using them to store my sewing machine needles.  Each of my machines use a different type of needle.  (Hey, sewing machine manufacturers, could we have standardization among needles, please?!?!)  Next to each of my machines is a little Hello Kitty head filled with needle packets.  I thought they were very cute until C mentioned that it looks like someone decapitated a bunch of Hello Kitties and left the parts strewn around my sewing room.  Now I am fighting the urge to be creeped out by them. 






Last but not least, these quaint little tins are from my mad dash to DCIkea is awesome for little treasures like this.  The little one holds binder clips.  The middle sized one hides my private stash of Sharpies.  The big one is currently empty, but I am sure it will soon find its purpose in life.  See how well the colors coordinate with Hello Kitty? 













4 Responses to "Sew Cute!"

Cute!! I like organizing things too, but am not so good at doing it with style.
I usually avoid those aisles too, other than to buy chocolate for me ummmm I mean for the kids of course!

Now I think I’ll have to go on an IKEA run before those are all gone! Mmmmmm. . . meatballs!

LOL! I, too, love finding organizing things…double bonus if it’s for the sewing room!

Great finds!

With friendship,

Your own personal stash of Sharpie markers…. you sound just like me, lol!

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