Posted on: 16 March, 08

Insomnia has become my constant companion.  Last night was not too bad, only woke up three times.  I woke up at 5:30, but managed to doze off again until I heard those words no mother wants to wake up to, “Mom, sorry to disturb you, but J almost threw up twice.  I thought you might want to know.”  Instead of being a good mother who rushes to her sick child’s side, I give C instructions, “There is ginger ale in the garage.  Please give J some with crushed ice….oh, and put a bucket near him.”  I swear I actually wanted to go back to sleep, but guilt kept poking me with a sharp stick.  J was much better after some ginger ale.  No idea what made him nauseous.  Just another fun filled day in our petri dish we call home. 


2 Responses to "Alarming"

I’m so sorry you know all about insomnia too. Glad your boy isn’t too sick. You’ve had your share of it this year, that’s for sure.

Insomnia really stinks. I hope your son continues to feel well.

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