Shameless Bragging

Posted on: 19 March, 08

Are you ever so proud of your child that you could just burst?  The school is trying to publish the first issue of the literary magazine, but there is currently no funding for the project.  Like most schools, there aren’t little piles of cash sitting around waiting for a project.  Last night, Hubski and I were discussing the possibility of making a contribution to help cover the costs of the first issue.  C immediately offered to donate the allowance money he has saved.  We are stingy with allowance and we don’t buy them anything beyond the basics, like clothes and shoes.  New video games and such come out of their allowance or they have to wait until their birthday.  (I know, we are harsh, but those boys know the value of a dollar.)  Anyway, I was so touched that C was willing to give his cash to help the school.  What a great guy! 

So now I am torn.  I will feel bad if C gives up his cash because he gets so little.  However, it would be wonderful for him to feel the joy of giving to something he really believes in.  Here’s my plan…tell me what you think.  I have a lot of fabric that needs to be cut for the soft sculpture unit I am doing with the art teacher.  What if I “paid” him to help me (because I *will* need help) and let that be the money he donates to the literary magazine? 

C is such a compassionate and giving young man.  Makes a mama proud.


5 Responses to "Shameless Bragging"

I think being honest with kids is the way to go — and if he really wants to donate I would let him donate a portion and let him work out the rest…have a talk with him about how you and hubs want to do something too – so maybe you can figure out a way to do it together without tapping into his life savings!

You’re a good mom, girlie.

If C is moved to donate his allowance, then I’d say let him do that! The feeling he has inside, giving of his own resources, is something you can’t duplicate for him. Fabric cutting assistance might be a way to add to his donation….

It’s hard, sometimes, to let our children make their own decisions!!

That sounds like a win-win-win plan. He gets to feel he’s earned his money, he gets to give this earned money to something he believes in and the school gets help with a worthy cause. Perfect!
You have every right to be proud.

I’ve done that… paid my kids when they were littler. I think it helps them to learn the value of earning the money they have. I think it’s a great idea. Then he will get the double benefit of a) earning what he contributes and b) contributing to something he’s excited about and believes in. Good idea!

First, pat yourself on the back for raising such a wonderful child. WOW! We all need to hear more stories about this type of thoughtfulness. Here is my two cents. Let him donate the money and don’t pay him for the work he does for you, allow him to really donate. Then, in a couple of weeks buy him something he wants (video game or such) for “no reason.” Or take him to a movie at full-price, etc. Just make it really special. Then, explain about random acts of kindness. I really believe that those who give are enriched in many ways. Children who give without a thought of receiving deserve special reward. Keep smiling. You are doing a great job!

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