1 Lap Around the Sun

Posted on: 22 March, 08

A few bloggy friends have noticed that I have been chattier than usual.  Well, you can thank Blog365 for that.  The motto is “Blogging for 365 days, 12 months, 52 weeks, 1 lap around the sun.” You can blame thank Little Miss Sew n Sew.  When I saw she was doing it, I decided to join in.  It seemed like a good challenge….and a good way to practice what I preach to my writing students.

The best way to become a writer is to write.  I know, “Thank you Captain Obvious.”  A constant cry from students is “But I don’t know what to write about.”  I tell them to just start writing, even if it is drivel.  Drivel is better than a blank page.  Usually, once they start writing drivel, something good begins to emerge.  It is taking that first step that is the hardest.  I tell them to just think about writing one sentence, not the whole paper or story.  Just one little sentence doesn’t seem so hard.  It doesn’t have to be the thesis statement or the opening sentence.  Just one little sentence.  One sentence leads to two and then three.  Before you know it, the key board is clicking away like a room of out of sync tap dancers.  The beginning stuff is often edited out during the first revision, but that’s okay.

With blogging, it is easy to think there is nothing to write about.  Honestly, my life is not that exciting.  However, not every post has to be earth shattering, utterly profound, life altering stuff.  Sometimes I have more to say than originally thought if I just start with one sentence.  Some days, I’ve only got one sentence in me.

So why have there not been posts every day on this blog?  I did not want to overwhelm my sewing readers with too much randomness.  According the Blog365 rules, you can post on more than one blog.  My more random posts are on my old LiveJournal account which just seems more suited for randomness.

For those of you who have blogs that go post-less for weeks on end, try to build the habit of blogging every day, even if it is just one sentence.  If 365 days seems overwhelming, try it for a week, then a month.  To be a good writer, you have “exercise your writing muscles” on a daily basis.


3 Responses to "1 Lap Around the Sun"

Welcome to Blog 365! It’s so much fun… most days. 🙂

I have also been trying to increase my blog time. I just finished an English class this last semester. With writing being a weakness of mine, it really kicked my butt but I have gained confidence. Maybe I’ll take my own challenge for the month of April. That will step things up a notch. Thanks for the inspiration.

I have been trying this as well. Besides also taking more photos. Some days it’s really hard and overwhelming – but I just keep plugging away. Hope you and family are all finally well. g

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