Where’s Waldo?

Posted on: 24 March, 08

Hubski was in Asia for almost 3 weeks.  He was gone for 3 weekends, which is the part that matters to me the most.  During the week, the boys and I are busy with school and extra curricular stuff.  It’s not that we don’t miss him during the week, there is just less time to focus on missing him.  However, the weekends can be long when he is gone.  The weekends are hectic for me because, as the only person in the house with a driver’s license, I live in the car shuttling everyone where they need to be and doing all the errands.  Hubski does a lot with the boys on the weekends, so it is on the weekend that his absence is really apparent. 

During his trip, Hubski went to India, China, and Japan.  He really should start a blog of his adventures.  When he travels to these exotic locales, he has very little time for sightseeing or shopping.  He is usually there because there is a big problem to resolve or he is trying to visit as many business partners as possible.  His schedule is always overbooked, but there is always drama with international travel.  He did manage to sneak in a little fabric shopping for me.  No sari from India because he was not in the part of India where saris are worn.  😦  However, he scored some awesome silk in China.  I will post photos soon.  (Excuse for not posting photos now to follow) 

Since Hubski had been away and it is finally Spring Break at school, we decided to take a little trip at the last minute.  We had talked about it before he left, but we did not make reservations until Thursday….and we left Friday.  Can we say “last minute”?  We all needed a little family time.  There is lots to tell about our trip, but I am tired.  So, we shall play a little guessing game. 

From this photo, can you guess where we went?

By the way, our new camera totally rocks.  This photo is entirely un-photoshopped.  Yes, photoshop is now a verb.  πŸ™‚ 


2 Responses to "Where’s Waldo?"

hehe, why not sneak a camera in his bag whenever he has to resolve some big problem? πŸ™‚

hmmmm…I’m guessing NYC? LOL

Hope you had a blast!

With friendship,

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