Cheese, Gromit

Posted on: 1 April, 08

Mending is not one of my favorite jobs, but this sweatshirt was too cute to be tossed just because it was wildly attacked by scissors.  In defense of the scissor wielding fiend friend, the neck of the sweatshirt was too tight.  She thought is she just cut a little slit it would have that deconstructed look and not strangle her every time she wore the sweatshirt.  It is unclear how the little slit suddenly went off at 60 degree angle. 

So I had two goals to achieve.  The askew slit needed to be repaired or covered up or made to look intentional and the neckline needed to be enlarged.  Needing time to come up with a solution, I tossed it under my sewing table for a few days.  (Besides, I was busy cutting the fleece for the soft sculpture class.) The sweatshirt happen to fall near a piece of brown knit I had pulled for a project in the near future.  Hmmm…the brown knit was very close to the brown in the design. 

I unstitched the hood to the shoulder seams.  Then, I added the brown vee shape to the front.  The hood was now too wide for the more open neckline, so I trimmed away the front edge of the hood.  The edges of the hood were then bound with the brown knit, which I think helped to make it all look more intentional.  C said if I really wanted to make it look intentional, I should also trim the kangaroo pocket and/or the cuffs with brown.  I politely declined the suggestion to do anymore unstitching.  Thankyouverymuch. 

Ms V was very happy with the outcome.  She is a huge Wallace & Gromit fan, so I was happy to save her beloved sweatshirt.  I asked her to please consult with me before taking the scissors to any other articles of clothing. 


6 Responses to "Cheese, Gromit"

Very clever save~cute detail on the sweatshirt!

Lynda in LV

What a great friend you are, teri.

Great save – what a good pal you are!

Great save on the sweatshirt.

I attacked the mending pile tonight, nothing too difficult but its now empty!

Good save! That looks really good. Perhaps C could do the unpicking if they really want the trimming done?

that’s a great idea. ryan has such a big head that often sweatshirts won’t fit over it LOL especially hooded ones. i’ll have to keep this in mind πŸ˜‰

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