Progress Report

Posted on: 3 April, 08

It is day three of the soft sculpture project with the 8th graders.  They are doing a fabulous job.  Ms V worked with them on sketches and designs for a few days.  On Tuesday, I came in to start sewing lessons.  46 minutes of hand stitching on a practice piece is rather dull when one has a design that is itching to become reality.  Nonetheless, they were troupers, patiently practiced their stitches and listened to lots of directions.   Some last minutes adjustments had to be made to some designs.  It is far easier to draw details on paper than it is to recreate them in fleece.  It was hard to tell them, “That just isn’t going to work in fleece.  Let’s figure out another way.”  Eventually everyone came up a with design they liked which could actually be produced with the materials at hand.

Yesterday, the students selected their fabrics and began cutting.  They were so focused.  There were some more design consultations.  I worried about a few because they seemed less than enthused by the whole process.  A couple were clinging desperately to entirely too completed designs.  However, when the bell rang, no one wanted to leave.

Today, it was exciting to see their creations taking shape.  I was impressed with how quickly some of took to sewing.  Ms V and I are so pleased with the work they are producing.  Some of the boys seemed a little put off because I used the word “cute” a few times too many.  Tomorrow, I might borrow a phrase from Project Runway’s Christian and the students their projects are “Fierce!”


2 Responses to "Progress Report"

I wondered how this project was going. . .do you suppose the kids would let you take some pictures to share when they’re done? 🙂

I never want to leave a project once started. I bought a pattern for soft sculptured dogs, shihtzus to be exact. One of these days when I build up the courage I will tackle that project. I hope you post some pictures of the finished projects. Have a groovy weekend.

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