How Sad is This?

Posted on: 5 April, 08

Hubski, C, and I played Scrabble tonight….on line.  We were on three different computers in three different rooms.  Despite the geekiness of it all, we had fun.  We chatted on IM while playing, but Hubski was able to sneak in a little work between turns. I did a little organizing in my sewing room.  We tried to convince J to join in via the laptop, but he was busy reading.  Isn’t it sad that we have enough computers with access to the internet for the whole family to play at once?  Believe it or not, we do not own an actual Scrabble board.  How did that happen?  A normal family would go out and buy a game board.  I am thinking, “Why have more clutter when we can just play on line?” 


3 Responses to "How Sad is This?"

You guys are a bunch of geeks and I mean that in the nicest possible way. 🙂

I forgot to ask – where do you play scrabble on line? I guess I can google it!

oops – my first post I didn’t hit send?

I can see our family doing the same. We email each other now from across the living room!

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