Arlington Park

Posted on: 8 April, 08

Arlington Park by Rachel Cusk

I am dreadfully late with this review because it took forever to finish this book. It was not a “page turner” by any stretch of the imagination.  Arlington Park is yet another novel about disgruntled middle class mothers.  There was nothing new in terms of plot.  The characters lacked depth and interest. 

Quite honestly, I get tired of the whining. These women live in nice houses, have healthy children, and husbands who, while not perfect, try to provide a good life for their families.  They think their lives are boring because they have bought into the myth of “having it all.”  Motherhood is not glamorous, but it does have its rewards if one chooses to see them. 

Rachel Cusk does have a pleasing writing style.  She brings the setting vividly to life.  However, her character development is superficial.  It would be fun to see what she could do with a more interesting topic.  The story of the unhappy housewife has been done to death. 


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I agree. Motherhood can be fun if you make it fun. Some people need to get over themselves.

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