Paradigm Shift

Posted on: 1 May, 08

It is time to finally admit that I am not a “stay at home” mom.  I work.  I have a job.  There, I said it.

The substitute teaching began as a “once in a while” thing.  A teacher was out for a few weeks due to surgery.  I agreed to cover her classes since the schedule could be arranged so I only worked half days.  The teacher never returned.  The school year ended and my name was on the sub list.

The plan was to work perhaps one or two days a week.  It would be a nice way to spend time in a classroom without the pressure of a full time job.  The extra money would be fun, too.  One or two days a week turned into three or four. 

The tipping point was the district’s decision to use a web based program for scheduling subs.  Previously, teachers had to call in requests for subs.  Requesting a particular sub was cumbersome, if not impossible.  With the new program, a teacher can see if her favorite sub is available and simply click on the sub’s name to request.  Suddenly, I was getting called every day.  Now I have teachers stopping me in the hall and requesting me weeks in advance. 

I have been in denial about my working status.  I have been trying to run the house as though I were still at home every day.  My volunteer activities have reduced only slightly.  I am operating under the premise of “Oh, I can do that tomorrow when I am not working.”  Tomorrow comes, I am working, and nothing gets done at home. 

As of Monday, I am already booked to work half of May.  It is time to adopt a new mind set.  I am a working mother.  At times, I am a working single mother thanks to Hubski’s travel schedule.  It is time reprioritize some things and rework my schedule.  I need operate under the assumption that I will be working every day.  The days that I don’t get called to work will be a bonus. 


3 Responses to "Paradigm Shift"

Getting those prorities sorted when you’re working can be hard. I finally gave up and told the family I could not do Mum, housekeeper, school helper and everything else whilst studying full-time. Now each of the kids has their specific responsibilities in the housework which they are paid a token amount for. The non-urgent stuff can wait till I have time. I’ve also got really good at saying ‘no’ to everyone else. Basically I prioritised my study, got the urgent stuff organised and try to spend the rest with my kids and very helpful hubby (who also goes out of town each month for a couple of days). Hang in there. Just think of how much fabric you can buy with all that fabric….. 😉

Oh, Teri, you can join those of us who always say we will clean the house tomorrow, bake the bread tomorrow, sew the shirt tomorrow. I think my alter ego is actually named “later”. It is easier to learn to say no to people outside the home, but I find that there are times when I can’t even accomplish my in-home tasks, let alone be on the PTA committee, teach the neighbor to sew, and help design that embroidery design for my web-pal.

I don’t know how you do all you do. Super Mom! The school is lucky to have you, as are your boys. I know you will figure it all out. You are so organized and smart. Most of all, you have your priorities straight.

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