Sitting Practice

Posted on: 3 May, 08

Sitting Practice

by Caroline Adderson

The novel opens with a horrific car accident that leaves a brand new bride paralyzed from the waist down. The husband is unsure of how to help. This is not the marriage he signed up for. Turn the page and the reader is hurtled forward in time. The couple has relocated, opened a cafe, and seems to have accepted life with a wheelchair.

The plot eventually picks up again. The couple still has issues to work out. Life in the cafe includes some mildly interesting and quirky characters. I was grateful that the story was brought to a conclusion, wrapping up quite a few loose ends.

After the last page, I felt those characters still had more to say. That is an indication of good character development. I wanted to know if the sister ever found a satisfying, healthy relationship. Did the couple ever have a child of their own? Did the little boy outgrow his quirkiness or was it symptomatic of a mental disorder? I like a book that ties up the plot line, but leaves me curious about what happened next.

Sitting Practice was not the most gripping book I have ever read, but it was certainly better than most I have read for as an early reviewer.


2 Responses to "Sitting Practice"

I always enjoy reading your book reviews. How do you find the time to read so many books?

[…] Mermaids liked the character development in Sitting Practice and appreciated that the book tied up at the end but left her wanting more. […]

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