Taking 5

Posted on: 7 May, 08

Ok, I took more than a 5 minute break…more like 30 minutes.  I reminded myself that a large chunk of sewing time is not simply going to fall from the sky into my lap.  I need to get back to sewing a few minutes every day, or at least mostly every day.  After dinner, I threw in a load of laundry to assuage my housekeeping guilt, then headed to the sewing room. 

I am working on a pair of longer shorts.  The school administration is finally cracking down on the dress code.  (Hallelujah!)  While I don’t wear super short shorts, mine wouldn’t make dress code.  They are using the standard “finger tip” rule.  Well, my really long arms put me at a distinct disadvantage.  There are a few end of the year events for which shorts would be the optimal choice.  I want to set a good example.  Besides, my legs are getting a wee bit old for prancing around in shorter shorts.  They are fine for times when I am doing something remotely active and need the freedom of movement.  However, for hanging out at a picnic, a little extra length is more age appropriate. 


1 Response to "Taking 5"

Oh, Honey, your legs are more than good enough for short shorts. But I understand about wanting to set a good examples for the kids.

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