Dress Code Blues

Posted on: 8 May, 08

On Tuesday I fussed at a girl for wearing microscopic shorts.  Today, she was wearing a microscopic skirt.  (I did not have her in a class yesterday, so who knows what she was wearing.) 

Me:  The skirt….way too short.  I’ve already spoken to you about the shorts.  What’s the deal?

Her: What?!?!!  It’s not that short.

I ask her to stand up and do the fingertip test.  She pulls her shoulders up to her ears and curls her fingers under.

Her:  See, it reaches my fingertips.

I tell her to drop her shoulders and flatten her hands.  Hmmm, the skirt barely reaches her wrists.

Her:  Well, it was long enough this morning.

Me:  Darling, you didn’t grow 3 inches in the last 4 hours.  Call your mom.  She needs to bring you another outfit.

Lots of sulking and glaring followed.


3 Responses to "Dress Code Blues"

Well done. Rules is rules. Do we want people to drive on the wrong side of the road ? No ! They have to learn what rules can’t be broken and how to creatively get round the others – but that is why they go to school isn’t it – for socialisation !!!!!

LOL! This reminds me of me! Our students wear uniforms, which include shorts and skirts. For girls, the latter two cannot be more than 2″ above the top of the knee. We have two students who bought the skirts so small that they wear them up around their waist instead of on their hips, so their skirts are mid-thigh. When I call them on it, they try to do the same thing with me, but it doesn’t work.

You should see what they show up dressed in for formal and Prom! Egads… Where are their parents?!

I am NOT ready for that type of bahavior – ugg! Why can’t kids stay sweet and innocent???? Wonder if she snuck her short skirt on the bus, I did that once with holy jeans my parents wouldn’t let me wear to school. My step dad caught on to my tactic tho and snagged them out of my bag at the bus stop, he’s really smart! I wonder what kind of stunts my kids will try to pull?

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