Good Thing, Bad Thing

Posted on: 10 May, 08

We have started using reusable shopping bags.  No, I did not make them.  Why would I when the grocery store sells them for $1 a piece?  Anyway, today I needed several plastic bags to separate some books.  Lo and behold, there were hardly any bags under the kitchen sink.  Those plastic bags come in handy once in a while.  Does it mean I’m not “green” if I occasionally “forget” my canvas bags just to replenish my supply of plastic bags?  Besides, what am I suppose to use to  line my wastebaskets? 

This green thing can be confusing at times.


1 Response to "Good Thing, Bad Thing"

Yup. I have the same problem. DH never takes shopping bags, so he replenishes our plastic “trashbag” supply when he buys something. If we run too low, though, I have to do it!

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