Mouse:Cookie, Girl:Gadget

Posted on: 12 May, 08

With both Mother’s Day and my birthday in the same week, the guys have been fishing for gift ideas.  In reality, I am a low maintenance girl.  Lots of things catch my fancy, but I am too practical to seriously entertain the thought of ownership. 

There was lots of brainstorming.  The guys wanted to get me something really good this year.  At the electronics store, we were all salivating over the giant monitors.  J teased me that my Mr MaGoo vision makes a bigger monitor a necessity.  Thus, the idea was born.  I had no idea just how big that idea that would get. 

We looked at bigger monitors.  Hubski chimes in that I could set up my computer to have two monitors running simultaneously.  Sweet!  No more minimizing windows to work on two applications at once.  As a joke, I said our 42″ TV would make a wicked monitor.  Hubski got that glint in his eye again.  There are TV’s that can be used as computer monitors.  It is easy to switch back and forth between the two functions.  Totally sweet!

My head was spinning at this point.  I don’t even remember how it entered the conversation, but the option of a second DVR was now on the table.  Somehow we went from simply getting a larger monitor to a really big monitor/TV with a DVR.  Of course, I had to get a new graphics card to support the dual monitors.  The new graphics card is freakishly amazing.  It is dangerous to let our family loose in an electronics store. 

My old 19″ monitor is now dwarfed by an awesomely swank 23″ Sony LCD TV which is hooked up to my very own DVR.  I can tape all the craft, DIY, and sewing shows I want.  Hubski was all set to get the 32″ TV, but I just don’t have the room.  It is so cool to drag windows from one monitor to another.  Looking at Flickr photos is seriously fun on the Sony.  The resolution….there are not the words to describe it. 

I have seriously geeked out sewing room now.  I guess I owe the guys a few new shirts.


9 Responses to "Mouse:Cookie, Girl:Gadget"

oh my goodness, i am seriously jealous!!!!

Happy nearly birthday!!

I know how you feel – moms day, then anniversary in two weeks, then in two weeks after that is my birthday. I too am low maintenance. *If* I could come up with better ideas, I might not have a continual stream of flowers adorning my table in this month of “days”.

Hope the birthday is grand!

Sounds like a great set-up. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day.

WOW! Gee Teri…now that you can see my sewing in Hi-Def, I’ll have to sew better, LOL!

JEALOUS! Happy birthday girlie! Mine’s close — end of May!


Happy Birthday/Mother’s Day! I got an electronic Mother’s Day gift too – a digital video camera! DS is having great fun taking video of the dog. And they bought it for who???

[…] geeking out of my sewing room was a combined Mother’s Day and birthday gift.  However, this morning, the boys and […]

Wow! Happy happy birthday, a little late. What a great birthday/Mother’s Day gift!

I’m slow getting around to my RSS feeds (computer woes, you already know about them) but this is totally cool! What a rocking awesome gift!

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