Happy Birthday to Me

Posted on: 15 May, 08

My boys are not perfect, but, some days, they come awfully close.  Today is my birthday.  Since we had a delayed opening for school, the boys made breakfast for me.  Cinnamon rolls.  No, not from scratch, but they were still awfully yummy.  They made their own lunches and cleaned up the kitchen. 

For some inane reason, I accepted a subbing assignment for today, 8th grade science.  They were beyond horrible.  Okay, not all of them, not even most of them.  During the last month of school, some 8th graders totally lose their minds.  Even though I went postal on almost every class, there were a couple of bright spots.  One girl gave me hug after class.  She said, “You look like you need one today.”  Another girl said, “Thanks for being such a good sub.  They really deserved being yelled at.”  I hate yelling, but sometimes it is the only thing that works. 

After school, the boys resumed treating my like royalty.  They listened to my tales of woe for the day.  They prepared snacks and cleaned up.  They started their homework without being asked.  We planned to go out for dinner, but homework got in the way.  J had a paper to finish up and a cooking project for Health class.  Tonight, going out to dinner seemed like more work than it was worth.  I would rather wait until the weekend when we can all relax and really enjoy it. 

The geeking out of my sewing room was a combined Mother’s Day and birthday gift.  However, this morning, the boys and Hubski promised to help me with a couple of intensive cleaning/organizing projects weekend.  Crossing some onerous items off my To Do List is the best gift of all. 


7 Responses to "Happy Birthday to Me"

Happy Birthday, sounds like your boys treated you marvelously. I can relate to the subbing, when I did it the end-of-school was very, very difficult.

Happy Birthday, birthday twin! Had I known I would have wished you a great day this morning. As it is, it’s 9:00 pm Pacific time, and I hope you had a fabulous day. I did. The sun came out and everything and tomorrow is going to be even better. And I got some changes made to my sewing room too! I’ll post later.

Happy Birthday to you! Too bad the 8th graders were such pains, but atlas it’s hard to be good all the time, especially when summer is getting near. Your boys are so sweet to their mommy.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Mermaid!
Happy Birthday to you!

And no more 8th grade science subbing on your birthday! Nothing like a bunch of 14YOs to ruin a perfectly fine, cinnamon-roll-started birthday.

Happy Birthday Teri!

Today is MY birthday…we Taurus women were born under the “sewing star” I think !

awww…happy birthday girlie!

I subbed for an 8th grade English class once and it was a NIGHTMARE. So I feel ya.

xo Tam

Happy belated birthday!

We went to have lunch with our third grader today, and about five minutes before the end of lunch period, one of the teachers grabbed the microphone and told them all up one side and down the other. I guess they’ve been pretty wild the last week or so. (Could it because they are 8-9 years old, school is almost over, and they’ve been stuck inside for weeks because of constant rain?)

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