So Much Sony Love

Posted on: 17 May, 08

This weekend, my new dual monitor set up has proven its worth.  I have spent most of the day doing the final edit on the new literary magazine for the middle school.  Can we say “tedious”?  Clearly, we need to teach those students how to punctuate dialog…. and spell.  At any rate, it was awesome to be able to use the bigger monitor and see several pages at one time.  I will give it one final read in the morning, then it is off to the publisher.  It is so cool that we can simply upload the files to the publisher and have our magazine, glossy covers and all, in a little over a week.

As a treat for all my persnickety work, I spent some time looking photos from the Ottobre group on Flickr.  What a treat to be able to see them in such great resolution.  Wow.  I am truly spoiled and never want to go back to a normal monitor again. 

3 Responses to "So Much Sony Love"

I have a dual monitor set up as well. I love it!

Oh…gee…you can see my sewing in Hi-Res now.
I will really have to make sure there are no stray threads, etc, etc, etc!

But…so glad you are enjoying your new set-up!


Reply to Pam:
I have no doubt your sewing would hold up under a microscope….perfection! Actually, I would love to see your sewing up close and in person. I bet I would learn so much.

Two monitors are the best. I got my mom’s old flat screen (the thin kind) but it’s not digital, still… It’s great. I know some developers who work with three and four monitors. Wow.

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