Simplicity 3622

Posted on: 18 May, 08

I bought this pattern for two reasons.  First, it looked very easy to wear, especially on a day when I need to look nice but also need to move around a lot.  Second, I love the sleeve detail of View B.  It adds just enough style to keep the dress from being plain.

The underlay panel is cut similar to the top edge of a cami.  Ribbon is used to attach it to the shoulder seams.  If I were to make this pattern again, I would redraft the underlay piece to attach in the armhole.  The ribbons tend to pull and distort the shoulder seam.  However, I do like the underlay piece.  In addition to providing modesty, it could also provide interest by using contrasting fabric. 

The sleeve was a big disappointment.  I carefully marked the elastic placement.  It looked very pretty until I tried it on.  I have very tiny upper arms.  Think “Tyrannosaurus Rex” tiny upper arms.  The elastic was too tight.  Even with the elastic loosened, I still did not like the sleeve.  After playing with it a bit, I opted for simply leaving the sleeve loose, a sort of “flutter” sleeve.  It was a much simpler treatment and I liked how it mimicked the shape of the skirt. 

For the bindings, I used fold over elastic.  The deep purple gives definition to the bodice details.  The fabric is a soft, smooth microfiber knit from Fabricland in Canada. 

This is definitely another “throw and go” dress.  The elasticized empire waist makes it comfortable.  It would also hide any tummy fluff.  The fabric will not wrinkle or crush, even in a suitcase. 

The pattern envelope states that either a knit or woven may be used making this a very versatile pattern.  With a silk, it could be very dressy.  In a bright cotton print, it would be great for summer.  A long sleeve version in wool jersey would carry this pattern into winter. 


9 Responses to "Simplicity 3622"

Very, very pretty!

This is gorgeous. I love the FOE contrast trim. I say wear it for school to keep yourself energized.

Very pretty, I like the style on you.

I really like this dress. Good job and great idea to save the sleeve!

Pretty style and lovely color!

I love that dress. I am going to put that on my list of patterns for when I get the sewing machine humming again… soon, very, very soon…

The dress looks great on you. Very nice!

This is very pretty and actually, what attracted me to it even before I read the text of your post was the sleeves. I like the loose fluttery-ness of them!

Great dress teri! When did you shop at Fabricland in Canada? And why can’t I ever find any great fabric there? We have one right here in town -in fact other than quilt shops, and WalMart it’s the only fabric store.

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