Post It Passion

Posted on: 19 May, 08

I admit it.  I have a thing for office supplies.  I love having a rainbow of pens, a passel of Post-It Notes, a smorgasbord of notebooks.  After seeing this, it is taking everything in me to not race out to the nearest office supply store.  This line made me feel like someone has been peeking in my mind:

“They’re also good for anal bibliophiles who don’t care to mar pages with notes or highlighting.”

I do not write in books.  Ever.  However, there are times when making notes or highlighting in a book would be helpful.  Leave to those crafty little devils at 3M to come up with the perfect solution. 

4 Responses to "Post It Passion"

I worked in an office-supply store after I graduated from high school. It’s probably one of my all-time favorite jobs because of the proximity to all hose pens and papers.

Those totally rock. I am like you – I love anything to do with paper and pens. Must be the writer in me. My youngest daughter had little money to spend on me for my birthday but found just the perfect present. A small basket from the dollar store filled with pretty papers and post-it note pads and a matching mini-clipboard. How thoughtful is that?

I’ve been known to write in books. But some books I wouldn’t. However, I came across a book in my collection that belonged to my father and he wrote in it. I’m so glad he did. My dad died almost 15 years ago and it’s like having a part of him back whenever I read the notes he made.

Thanks Teri !

I am sending one of my sewing-shop helpers out RIGHT NOW to get some!

I adore post-its also! My family uses them for all kinds of things. The clear ones would be fabulous!

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