Ups and Downs

Posted on: 21 May, 08

For a while, my book consumption was way down.  Every book I picked up was so dreadful.  I have this horrible fixation that I must finish every book I start because “it just might get better in the next chapter.”  I also hate not knowing how the story ends….even if it is a bad story.  A series of ghastly books was taking all the fun out of reading.  I love it when a book is so good that I am willing to give up sleep in order to finish reading it.  This week, I finished two books at the expense of precious sleep.  Even though I am walking around in trance, it is a happy trance because the books were *that* good.  I share reviews when I have a bit more time.  I had almost forgotten the bliss of a good book. 

It is a good thing I’ve had books to bring me joy this week because sewing sure has not.  I need some longer shorts for school.  I was an idiot and strayed from my beloved Ottobre.  McCalls 5633 was a disaster.  It was so bad, I did not even finish the shorts.  Trying to salvage them would have taken more effort than I have in me right now.  The half finished shorts are in the bottom of the trash bin and I do not feel the least bit of guilt.  This weekend, I shall find a suitable Ottobre pattern and sew with confidence that it will fit. 

State mandated testing continues at school this week.  Watching students fill in bubble sheets for hours a day is mind numbing and exhausting.  I absorb all the tension and anxiety in the room.  We hope to finish by Friday.  Next week, begins the foreign language finals.  The boys’ Spanish final will take 3 days.  I supervise the written portion of the test while the Spanish teacher pulls students individually for the oral exam.  She has almost 100 students.  It takes a long time to do that many orals. 

While I watch students fill in bubble sheets, I think about all the things I want to sew.  In just a few weeks, school will be over and perhaps some of those ideas will become realities.


3 Responses to "Ups and Downs"

Don’t keep us in suspense–what were the 2 books?!?

Teri, thank goodness for the books after reading your post. Good luck with the last bit of school and finding an Ottobre pattern.

How funny — you feel compelled to finish bad books but are fine throwing out bad sewing. I’m just the opposite, I think.

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