Where’s Waldo?

Posted on: 22 May, 08

Hubski has been in Florida since last weekend for work.  He was suppose to come home today.  Since I was testing all day, I turned my phone off.  After school, I went with the Level 2 Spanish students to a photo exhibit and out to dinner.  When a student asked to borrow my phone, I noticed several voice mails.  Oops.  The afternoon was so pleasant that the last thing on my mind was turning on my phone.  At some point last night, it was decided that Hubski was needed in Pittsburgh.  On his way home from Florida, he stopped in Pittsburgh for a few hours. 

It was strange to think that for an entire day, I did not even know in what state my husband was.  He will get home late tonight.  Tomorrow, he is going to work from home.  He will still be on the phone and computer most of the day, but at least he will be around.  It is too bad I have more testing.  I bet I can come up with some projects for him….   


1 Response to "Where’s Waldo?"

I like that you can dream about sewing when doing your testing. 🙂 And if you don’t have any projects for hubski, send him my way. I have tons! Hahaha. Yay summer! Bring it on, right?

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