Posted on: 25 May, 08

There’s nothing quite like the purr of a sewing machine to melt away the stress.  I needed a break this weekend.  All the testing and craziness of the last month of school was starting to take a toll on me.  This afternoon, I pulled out some fabric and a pattern.  Design #10 from the 05/2007 issue of Ottobre Woman was almost perfect.  The back was fine, but the waistband needed to be lower in the front.  I also pulled out a pair of nearly perfect jeans for comparison.  The pattern is close….very, very close.  I tried them on without the waistband.  So very pleased.  Because I have made so many changes to the waistline, the waistband needs to be totally redrafted.  That shall have to wait until tomorrow, when I am more rested.


2 Responses to "Purr"

Can’t wait to see pictures!

It’s about time I made a new pair of jeans for myself…I think I’ll try this pattern!

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