In Short Order

Posted on: 27 May, 08

This pattern is now practically perfect.  For the next pair, and there will be a next pair, I will take in the center back seam just a smidge and curve the back of the waistband a bit more.  The pattern is Design #10 from Ottobre 05/07.  Because I am so short waisted, I prefer a lower rise but I don’t want to expose too much.  In the back, I lowered the waist band about an inch and over 2 inches in the front.  It sounds extreme, but not really on my body.  The waist band sits right across my hip bones.  A pair of my favorite jeans was my benchmark for measurements. 

I am not a huge fan of the longer shorts on me, but I needed longer shorts to set a good example for the school dress code.  Also, there comes an age when a woman should not wear short shorts.  I am not sure exactly what that age is or how short is too short.  I am erring on the side of caution.  During the summer, I generally wear skirts and dresses anyway.  Shorts are only worn when I am doing something athletic active, so a shorter short would be appropriate.  However, I will be using this pattern again to make jeans.       


3 Responses to "In Short Order"

Those look really nice. I would think that you could get away with shorter shorts for some time still. If I had your legs, I sure would, even at 48. LOL.

They look great! (And I don’t think those legs are at the point where you should worry about covering them up.) Is that a tag I see at the pocket? Nice touch!

These look fantastic, Teri!

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