McCalls 5575

Posted on: 31 May, 08

My co-workers assured me that this does not look “maternity.” I am  not entirely convinced.  I do love the color and the softness of the fabric.  If I make this again, I will drop the bodice seam line a couple of inches and reduce the fullness of the pleats just a tad.  The neckline concerned me, but it fits close to the body.  There is no gaping when I lean over. 

This is a Hillary Duff pattern.  It is meant to be a dress or tunic.  At my height, or lack thereof, tunics are generally not a good idea.  The sizing did not match the measurement charts, as usual.  However, the sizing is fairly consistent with other McCalls patterns. 


4 Responses to "McCalls 5575"

I’m with you – not entirely convinced. I do like the neckline and it would make a darling maternity top, if one wanted that look. I think your idea to drop the bodice line and take out a bit of the fullness will make it a perfect summer top for you. In fact, I may try that pattern myself. I’m still looking for just the perfect top for some of my knits. I haven’t found it yet. I may just take apart one of my favorite tees (now badly stained) and make my own pattern.

I don’t think it looks maternity at all. On me it would. I think you’re probably right to lower the bodice and take just a smidge of fullness out – but it’s wearable as is, if you’re not self-conscious all day that people are thinking you’re a little old to be having a baby 🙂 g

I always have a hard time with these, too. I have always felt like they look good on other people, but somehow when *I* put them on, they look very “maternity.”

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