Posted on: 1 June, 08

Bio Card:  His name is P-per.  (In case the formatting goes awry, that is symbol for 3.14)  He enjoys writing research papers.  He has a big brain and is president of the “Anti-Wikipedia Club.”  His vision is really bad from reading so much. 

The boys and I made this little critter for the Academically Gifted Specialist at school.  We thought she needed a little something to cheer her up because she is having knee surgery this week. 

There is a bit teasing incorporated into this gift.  This teacher is well known for assigning “Micro Essays” that are 3 -5 pages long… and due the next day.  She has also been known to rant that “Wikipedia is not a reliable reference.  Step away from the Wiki.” She has a great sense of humor, so I am confident this will make her laugh.

The boys did all the design work and almost all of the sewing.  We used the alphabet on my Viking Lily to write “Micro Essay,” then the zig zag stitch for the scribbled writing.  It was a quick project, but we had a lot of fun planning it out.    

3 Responses to "3.14"

Oh man, I was going for the president of the anti-Wikipedia position. Well, I think the better person got the job. LOL What a cool gift.

However, Wikipedia is a good starting point, I agree with said teacher that it should not be considered an authoritative source. At least I don’t use it as one in my work. 🙂

Teri…what a cool gift!


What a wonderful gift! I bet she just loves it.

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