Paging Dr S

Posted on: 2 June, 08

I heard something today, that I don’t hear very often.  The orthopaedic surgeon said, “I could do the surgery, but the result might not be so good.  It’s a tricky surgery.  I would rather if you waited until Dr S comes on board.”  Wow.  It is not often a doctor, a surgeon no less, admits that something is beyond his skill level.  It gave me a whole respect for the guy.

Back story:  Ripped up my knee 20 years ago trying to learn to snow ski.  Had surgery that did not go well.  Have had chronic pain ever since.  It comes and goes.  A few months ago, it came, and stayed, and now has a new permanent mailing address.  In the last week, stairs have become nearly impossible, hence my return to the surgeon.  When I saw him about a year ago, I was not even willing to entertain the idea of surgery.  He prescribed physical therapy and said, “Come back when it gets too bad, because it will.”  And it has. 

Icky part alert:  The knee cap is not “tracking,” not sliding up and down the knee in the path nature intended.  It is tilted to one side, has worn away the cartilage.  Bone on bone is not a good feeling.  Because the knee cap is pulling at a weird angle, ligaments and tendons are getting pulled.  My doctor said if it were a simple meniscus tear or ACL repair, it would be no biggie.  They do those all daylong.  The surgery to fix this is apparently a tad delicate, especially if you want to get it right the first time. 

As luck would have it, Dr S is joining the hospital in August and he just happens to be the “guru” of this particular surgery.  His research has been published and set as the gold standard for this surgery.  I had wanted to get this done over the summer when I have two young lads to do my bidding all day and my calendar was wonderfully blank.  My doctor said if it were his knee, he would wait for Dr S. He starts in August and I shall be one of his patients on his first day.  In the meantime, I am signed up for lots of physical therapy.  The stronger I can make the surrounding muscles, the faster my recovery will be.   


2 Responses to "Paging Dr S"

Icky knees stink. I have patello femoral pain syndrome in both my knees and usually hits every other year. Sounds exactly like the grief you feel. I hope that Dr S is all he is cracked up to be….

I hope the waiting is as pain free as possible. Sounds like a good reaso to wait, though.

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