Lock Up Your Daughters

Posted on: 3 June, 08

The boys were trying to convince me to go out for dinner tonight.  I feigned resistance, stating the need for persuasion.  C assumed a Shakespearean accent and obliged with “Oh Mother, you are noble and wise.  Your nobility  and wisdom is outshone only by your beauty.  Alas, I have insulted you.  I have not the words to adequately describe your beauty.  The words do not exist in this universe to describe such beauty.  I regret that I am not more eloquent to pay homage to you in the manner you deserve.” 

After we all stopped laughing hysterically, we went out to dinner.  I fear for his girlfriends.  He will be able to sweet talk them into anything. 


4 Responses to "Lock Up Your Daughters"

Oooooh! What a sweet talker!

Starting in the 8th grade….a boy named Roger would play the piano and sing songs he composed for me…before music class started. I was mortified, LOL!

Who knew that more than 20 years later we would meet again marry!
..and he still plays the piano and sings to me…I love it.

Here’s hoping your romantic-minded son stays that way!

Reply to Pam: Awww….what a sweet story….you’re very own Schroeder…though you are a lot nicer than Lucy!

I’ve told him many times that it may be a while before girls appreciate him. You know how so many girls have to go through that attracted to the “bad boy” phase. I say this not because he is my son, but because it is true, he will make some girl very, very happy one day because he is so very, very thoughtful and caring. He thinks of those little things to do someone to make their day special. He is not about the once a year grand gesture. It is daily little acts of kindness.

Um…I think they could talk ME into anything! Such cuteness!

We think him a young bard, but do the girls his age actually dig it? I’ve tried the shakespeare thing on my daughter and some of the kids next door, and they just give me the “are you high?” look. LOL!

Reply to Jill: Ah, but this where the lad is really smart….he knows is audience. I have watched him sweet talk various people into lots of things. He has a way of knowing just what to say to win someone over. Fortunately, he seems to be using his powers for good instead of evil….at least for now. đŸ™‚

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