Amazon’s Answer to High Gas Prices

Posted on: 7 June, 08

We wanted to get J a little something for 8th grade “graduation.”  Normally, I don’t like the big fuss made over finishing 8th grade.  However, J is an unassuming boy.  He seldom asks for anything, even for his birthday.  During a recent trip to the electronics store, I caught him eyeing an electronic Spanish translator.  It would be convenient for his Spanish homework.  His birthday is 5 months away, so finishing middle school seemed like a good excuse to give him a treat. 

With my crazy schedule, I totally forgot about getting him a gift until this morning.  The 8th grade ceremony is on Tuesday.  I went to my old friend, the Internet, to do some preliminary research.  Two different stores were possibilities, but in opposite directions.  Then, I found a nifty model on Amazon, but I would need overnight shipping to get it by Tuesday.  Hubski balked at the idea because of the added cost.  I set up the order and discovered overnight shipping was only $4.  Pffft.  Given the price of gas lately, it would cost me more than $4 in gas to drive to the electronics store.  The one at Amazon is a nicer model than ones at the other stores.  The best part was I did not have to drive hither and yon on a day when temperatures threaten to reach 100. 


2 Responses to "Amazon’s Answer to High Gas Prices"

I so like Internet shopping, for those reasons! Figure in the cost of your time, your sanity in the heat and stores not having the item – I so like Internet shopping. The item just shows up at your door.

I’m with you on this one. Yes, I can buy items X, Y and Z here in town, but it would take an hour to drive there and back, not to mention the gas.

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