Evil People

Posted on: 10 June, 08

Physical therapists are evil, evil people.  The go into the field because they enjoy torturing people.  Can you tell I had my first PT appointment today?  It was not my first PT appointment ever.  Sadly, I have a long history of PT appointments.  I knew full well what pain I was in for today and this guy did not disappoint. 

Seriously, he was very nice, except when he was yanking on my knee.  He said I need to give up my “no pain, no gain” attitude.  Ignoring pain will not make it go away.  I have my list of exercises to do every day.  Oh what fun.  I have my new mantra, “If it hurts, stop.”  That seems like common sense, but that’s not the way I deal with pain.  I have to go back on Friday.  Oh joy, I can hardly wait.  (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

As I was sitting there with ice on my knee for twenty minutes at the end of my appointment, I was thinking, “Gee, if I had a CrackBerry, I could reading my email now.”  Yes, Hubski that is a hint directed precisely at you. 


2 Responses to "Evil People"

I think I posted about my physical therapist once. I fired her. She was borderline reportable. I was in excrutiating pain and she asked why my face was squished up like . I never went back. She never understood that for me my Fibro was about pain. She had chronic fatigue and that’s about, well, fatigue. She didn’t get it. And then she’d talk to me about losing weight. I guess out of spite or passive agressiveness, I didn’t bother while I was seeing her. Now I’m doing it because I want to do it, not because some is nagging at me to do so.

I’m sorry it hurt. I really am.

Eyoohhhhh! I hate PTs in general. My last one was nice, but they have such unrealistic goals for me. (I may not look 90, but that’s the age of my right knee…now my left knee, it’s a sprightly 82.)

You have my deep sympathies.

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