Florence Nightingale

Posted on: 13 June, 08

Hubski had a small tissue mass removed from his back. While he was getting his IV’s set up, the nurse noticed that I was shivering.  Why are hospitals kept at 40 degrees?  The next thing I know, the nurse comes in with a warmed blanket… for me.  She inquired about my knee brace and asked if I needed to elevate it.  I assured her it was fine.  When they wheeled Hubski to the operating room, I went to the waiting room, leaving the blanket behind.  A few minutes later, a nurse comes out to let me know the surgery has began and how long it would take.  She said, “Oh, honey, you’re still cold, let me bring you another blanket.”  There is very little I like about hospitals, but those warm, toasty blankets are deliciously decadent.  The nurse set me up on a small sofa.  The warm blanket to snuggle in; Hubski’s bag of clothes to elevate my knee.  It was at that point I noticed I had forgotten the wireless internet card for my laptop.  Rats!  I had planned to catch up on reading blogs and responding to comments.  I had not brought a book, so the two year old waiting room magazines were my only option.  Honestly, I could have closed my eyes and napped had it not been for the old couple whose voice level suggested extreme hearing loss.

Hubski came through the surgery fine.  The mass was bigger and deeper than originally thought, but it appeared to be benign.  We’ll take longer, more difficult recovery in exchange for benign. 

While surgery is never fun, the doctors and nurses tried to make it as pleasant as possible.  I have heard horror stories of terrible hospital experiences.  Ours have always been very positive.  Doctors are pressured by insurance companies to see more patients per hour.  Nurses are underpaid and over scheduled.  I appreciate all they do to make the best of a bad situation.

Now that Hubski’s surgery is over, the house is getting back in order, and I can see the top of my desk again, there should be some sewing posts soon.  Maybe even photos.  🙂 

2 Responses to "Florence Nightingale"

Glad that hubski is doing okay. I would have tried to nap too. How thoughtful of the nurse to keep bringing you a warm blanket. I’ve never had that experience. Maybe… just maybe…I’ll have a sewing photo for you by Monday! I’m planning on cutting out fabric this weekend!

SO glad the mass was benign !!!!! …and you know how sincerely I mean that….. 🙂

~Pam (who loves toasty-warm hospital blankets, have been wrapped in many lately >wry smile<)

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