Simplicity 3742

Posted on: 14 June, 08

See, I told you there would eventually be more sewing posts.  🙂  This is the dress I made for the eighth grade graduation promotion ceremony.  We had record breaking heat and the gym is too small for the number people who attend.  Silk was the perfect fabric.  This is one of the silks Hubski bought in Asia on his last trip. 

   My apologies for the less than stellar photography.  The tripod was downstairs and I was upstairs.  Countless times a day, I ask the boys to fetch things for me from the other floor.  They have not complained….much…but I am trying to not abuse my helpers.  I have been told to avoid stairs until I see the new orthopedist in August.  If I end up having surgery, that will be several more weeks of needing things fetched up and down the stairs. 

Anyway, the sewing could not simpler with this pattern, even with slippery silk.  I adjusted the length of the straps to account for my petite stature.  Other than that, it is straight from the envelope.  It took less than afternoon to cut and sew. 

The dress was incredibly easy to wear.  I was cool and comfortable, ok, as comfortable as one can get sitting on wooden bleachers.  The dress passed inspection by the group of girls who monitor my wardrobe on a daily basis. 

This pattern is best suited for very soft fabrics that drape easily.  I want to make a more casual version for summer from a gauzy cotton. 

PS The hem is actually even on the bottom.  I must have been standing awkwardly.


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6 Responses to "Simplicity 3742"

That’s really pretty!

Teri…another beautiful garment! Love the fabric and the style is perfect for you!


P.S. Did you mention the pattern # ? I didn’t see it….

Very pretty! Are warm rooms a requirement to be promoted? DS’s 5th grade promotion was at the local HS auditorium and the AC just could not keep up with the 98 degrees outside and hundreds of people inside!
My knee is nowhere near as bad as yours, but my orthodpedic dr also said, avoid taking the stairs so much until my next appt and I am trying to stick with that advice as much as possible!

Reply to Sue: You don’t realize how many times a day you go up and down the stairs until someone tells you that you can’t. Sorry to hear you’re having knee problems too.

Word has it that high school graduation is better. It is held at the university because that is the closest place that is big enough. so it is actually overkill in terms of size, but at least there is breathing room.


It looks great. Do you mind me asking, what shoes did you wear with it? Just curious. I love it. I am sure it feels like heaven wearing silk. LOL

Reply to Sunny: I have a cute little pair of heels that would look fabulous with this dress. Alas, my knee is in such a state that I really must stick to flats. Knowing that I would have to climb the wooden bleacher stairs, I wore a pair of flat sandals. The big, ugly black knee brace was way more distracting than the flats. 🙂

Perfect simple pattern for a beautiful fabric. It’s the fabric that makes this entire outfit look so good, and yes it looks great. The pattern looks comfortable and flattering to your figure. Of course, you can wear anything, as small as you are. Great job Teri.

Pretty dress. I love silk. So easy to wear.

Keep baskets at the bottom of the stairs and put things in them as you come across that need to be taken upstairs. That way, whoever is going up next can take a basket – no one gets up empty handed! LOL

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