Sock It To Me

Posted on: 23 June, 08

First of all, huge thank you’s for all the encouragement and book recommendations.  The internet is a beautiful thing.  If I had to rely on local friends and resources, this knitting thing would be a much bigger challenge. 

Today, I picked up this book, some needles, and yarn.  (The selection for all three items was woefully limited.  In the future, it will be internet shopping to the rescue.)  Tonight, I began my journey into the world of socks.  I figured out how to cast on, join the two ends, and work with circular needles.  Before you think I am some sort of knitting savant, I must be truthful.  My tension needs lots of work.  Lots and lots of work.  The place where I joined the two ends needs even more work.  Nonetheless, with more practice, I think I can get this. 

C kept asking me, “How’s the sock coming along?  How does it look?”  I explained to him that it will be a while before there is anything that resembles a sock.  For now, I am figuring out the mechanics and building some muscle memory.  One day soon, my friends, I will post a photo of a my sock. 

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2 Responses to "Sock It To Me"

Knitting is addictive- considered yourself warned! I can’t stop once I start so I have to be selective what I knit. Just one more row- and one more- and one more… What yarn did you choose, what colorway, and who are the socks for?!!

Reply to Johanna: Yes, the “just one more row” is going to be an issue for me. When I read, it always “just one more chapter.” ๐Ÿ™‚

The socks, if they come out, will be for whomever they fit. for now, Iam simply trying to figure out how it all works. Once I have that sorted out, I worry about things like size and design. My yarn selection was based on what was on sale. I chose a yarn with blues and beige….somewhat gender neutral.

Oh, I love to knit. However I love it more in the winter time then in the summer. It is just too hot and there is nothing on tv. I hope you like it. I may be trying to smock and crochet pretty soon.

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