Bits Bucket

Posted on: 28 June, 08

I try to be neat when I am sewing.  Try.  Some how that waste basket under the table seems like sooooo far away,  too far away for a few snipped threads.  I can’t just throw them on the floor.  That would be wrong.  (Ok, I admit, sometimes they kinda sorta fall to the floor and I pretend I didn’t see it happen.)  Usually, I just start a little pile on the various tables in my sewing room.  Of course, something gets set on top of the pile or gets knocked off the table.  Before you know it, I am trying to corral little bits of thread and fabric. 

A couple months ago, I found these adorable little buckets at Walmart.  At $1 each, I could not pass them up even though I had no particular use for them at the time.  As I was trimming the collar of C’s shirt, I saw the buckets.  Aha!  I am too lazy to bend over and throw something away under the table, so I need something on the table. 

The four little buckets are now stationed at strategic points in my sewing room.  There is one on the cutting table, near the ironing board, and near my machines – all the places where I might be when snipping threads or trimming seams.  The floors are now safe and I will be spared that exhausting bending over to find a waste basket under the table. 


2 Responses to "Bits Bucket"

Cute idea. And I am sure that they look good too!

go sock go!

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