McCall 5575 Revisited

Posted on: 29 June, 08

Despite several assurances to the contrary, I could not help but think that this top screams “maternity” every time I wear it.  The fabric is super soft, love the color, and love the neckline.  Enter the seam ripper.  I removed one of the three tucks on each side.  It is better, but still not great. 


The empire waist and trapeze dresses are all the rage right now.  They look adorable on lithe teens and twenty-somethings.  Perhaps it is because they have never actually worn maternity wear.  I am drawn to this style because it means I don’t have to hold my stomach in all. the. time. 

I am not sure why this style feels/looks so maternity on me.  It could just be flashbacks to the many months I spent in maternity clothes.  I gained LOTS of weight so I needed tents, not cute little tops like this one.  Anyway, it might also be due to a somewhat sway back.  I never really knew I was sway back, but the physical therapist says I am.  He said it might be something that has developed from so many years of hobbling along with a bad knee.  Ignoring a knee injury for years changes one’s gait and posture. 

In the future, I need to approach this style with caution.  It always looks better in the catalog than it does on me.  However, I do love the neckline.  I need to morph it into a Ottobre pattern, then all will be right in the world.


4 Responses to "McCall 5575 Revisited"

Teri, the neckline is great on you. This is such a hard style to wear and you are so petite. Can you use your seam ripper again and just make the bottom part a fitted t-shirt?

Reply to Lori: I have indeed thought about whipping out that seam ripper again. I hate alterations and that feels an awful lot like an alteration. However, there is much about the top I do like. Seems like a shame to not try to make it better.

I think it feels maternity because it looks – from the picture anyway – that the underbust seam should be about 2 inches lower on your body. If it came more under the bust, the fabric around your upper waist would lay flatter against your body. I have a dress that does the same thing and I only wear it around the house now. I think I needed to do some sort of full bust adjustment, or lengthen the bodice area. Something. If you tried that with another version of the pattern, along with pulling out some of the pleats like you did, I think you’d be much happier with it. That’s what I’d do, anyway.

Reply to Little Miss: I agree. The underbust seam is way too high. Believe it or not, I think I could have used a FBA on this pattern. Never thought I would say that. It seems be designed for someone with absolutely no curves.

I’d agree – the underbust could go lower so that the pleating hits where you are a bit smaller in width. Might I suggest something else? I think that the pull lines at the underarms might also be contributing to the maternity-ish nature you experience here. I don’t think they are a result of the high underbust seam. Maybe armscye placement is too small? Just a thought.

I was going to say the same thing about the underbust seam needing to be lower and then maybe also doing a regular fitted t-shirt on the bottom if that doesn’t help. The bodice is GORGEOUS! I like the color too.

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