Ottobre 02/08 #14

Posted on: 30 June, 08

Summer means skirts.  Skirts mean Ottobre.  There is pattern is so easy.  Ten gores, a waistband, and a hem band.  Oh, yeah, there is a zipper to install.  If you are phobic about zippers, don’t fret.  They get easier with practice. 

I had this batik fabric that I overdyed last year.  Trying to match the blue or purple would be nearly impossible.  Stash to the rescue.  A few years ago, I ordered a metallic cotton that was a cross weave of purple and blue.  It looked much less metallic on my computer monitor.   I like Metallica, but don’t wear metallics.  Lo and behold, it was a lovely match for the batik fabric.  In real life, it looks more blue.  The camera flash caused the purple metallic thread to shine. 

Because each gore piece is cut exactly the same, I recommend basting the gores together first.  If you have any lumps, bumps, or curves, you will want to do a little fitting before final stitching.  The good news is all those seams gives you lots of opportunity for a good fit.  I love the hem band. 

Don’t you love the fashionable black knee brace?  Yeah, it will be a part of my wardrobe for the foreseeable future. 

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5 Responses to "Ottobre 02/08 #14"

Gorgeous fabric Teri. I cannot believe that skirt looks so good on you. It must be those legs. Knee bandage or not. LOL. Well, it looks great. Good for you.

This is a beautiful skirt. I could do with some more skirts myself. What a great idea! I’ll bet this is much cooler over the knee brace than capris or pants are.

Reply to Sandra: Thanks, Sandra. Not only are skirts cooler, they are easier to get over the knee brace. Most of my pants are too snug around the knee to wear the brace underneath. Wearing the brace over the pants means the pant leg gets twisted and bunchy. Skirts are definitely the way to go.

I love that skirt. Because of you I ordered all the issues of Ottobre Woman – guess I’m gonna have to actually use them now. g

Reply to Gaylen: Yes, you do have to actually use them. 🙂 I think you will really like them once you try them. So many of the styles would look great on you.

Beautiful skirt! I love the fabrics you chose, they match beautiful. I love the shape of your skirt. I was planning on sewing a similar kind of skirt… Thanks to you, this project just went up a few notches on my to-do list.

I hope your knee doesn’t hurt too much!

I knew we had deep darkness in common – A fellow Metallica Fan!! Beautiful skirt, and I, too, love the hem band. I love the colors you used here. A black tank would set off that knee brace for a more formal event 🙂

Reply to Karen: Ah, I am a major metal-head. No one else in my household likes it, so I put on my MP3 player and rock out when I go for a walk. I look like an ordinary suburban house wife, but little does anyone suspect what is blasting in my ears.

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