The Richest Season

Posted on: 5 July, 08

The Richest Season by Maryann McFadden

Many moms have entertained the fantasy of simply running away from it all.  It could have been when the baby has been up all night teething, for the fifth night in a row.  It might be on a long, hot day when the children have been bickering for hours.  It doesn’t mean she is a bad mother.  It means she is human.  Who hasn’t wanted to run away from the responsibility, the monotony, the lack of freedom? 

Not only did Joanna think about it, she did it.  With her children beginning their own lives across the country, she wondered why she stayed.  Her husband had always been wrapped up in his role as provider, traveling frequently.  On a whim, Joanna decided there was nothing holding her back.  She packed a bag and began driving, with no definite plan in mind.  She begins a new life in South Carolina where she learns about herself and her marriage. 

The plot is somewhat predictable.  The characters are pleasant enough, but not terribly complex.  McFadden does have a readable writing style.  I would actively seek out this book, but it is worth reading if you stumble across it.  It definitely falls into the category of “beach read.”  It is not stellar fiction, but enjoyable enough to while away an afternoon.  It could easily be a Lifetime movie. 


1 Response to "The Richest Season"

How funny. I’ve thought about doing the exact same thing. Packing it all up and driving to South Carolina. Seriously. I guess I should read the book.

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