Can’t Wait for Monday

Posted on: 6 July, 08

Why do his projects always become my projects?  What would happen if I said, “I need your help.  I am sewing a dress.  I will ask you for your advice, but then do my way anyway.  If you venture from my side, I will call you back with more questions the answers to which I will ignore.” 

On the positive side, we now have a clean, new mailbox with a flag that actually works. 

He asked if I wanted him to put up the coat hooks in the laundry room.  I told our marriage can only survive one project per weekend.  It is time for him to go back to work. 


4 Responses to "Can’t Wait for Monday"

Isn’t that the way it is. I think you should try that with the dress – it’s a great idea. I told my hubby I was ripping out all the spinach, and planting more carrots and beets. Which meant I found the seeds while he pulled the spinach and then he continued to plant everything too! g

ha.. ha…

I love being single. =)

LOL! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’ve decided stop asking my DH to fix anything. If I can’t do it myself, we’ll have to call someone anyway.

Oh, so true!

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