Child of Babel

Posted on: 8 July, 08

We were watching tv and there was this adorable little Chinese girl who had been adopted as a baby.  Wistfully, I told the boys, “See, we could go to China and adopt a cute little girl like her.”

C:  But you would be rather old by the time she was a teenager.  Do you really want to do that to yourself?

Me:  We wouldn’t have to get a baby.  We could get one “partially grown,” an older child.  🙂

C:  And just how would we converse with said child?  She would already be speaking Chinese if she were older.

Me:  We would teach her English, and we would probably learn some Chinese in the process.

J finally chimes in:  No, no, no….we would teach her Spanish, of course! And maybe some Latin. 

A Spanish speaking Chinese girl, who knows a bit of Latin. Yep, that would leave teachers scratching their heads.


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