Persistence Pays Off

Posted on: 14 July, 08

Woo Hoo!!  Is it wrong to be this excited about a pair of shorts? I love the way they fit.  All the tweaking and redrawing was worth it.  I now need to etch this pattern into stone so I don’t every lose it.  I took the McCalls pattern and merged it with Design #13 from the 02/08 Ottobre Woman.  The waistband was lowered, darts were moved, crotch curve reshaped.

I have tossed all of the old, less than perfect iterations of this pattern.  Perhaps I should frame it because it is a work of art.  🙂  No, that won’t do.  I plan to use this pattern over and over and over again.

Pardon the wrinkles.  The fabric is linen.  It is suppose to wrinkle.  (That last comment was directed at Hubski who doesn’t understand why someone would wear linen if it is just going to look rumply by the end of the day.)  My true fabric friends understand the glory of linen, especially on a hot, hot summer day.  I have enough linen left to make a pair of long pants.  At first, I thought it might be weird to have a pair of shorts and trousers from the same fabric, but it is not like I will be wearing them at the same time.  I might do welted back pockets for the long version.


8 Responses to "Persistence Pays Off"

You are just amazing.

They look great!

Also, I think MrV has that same knee brace.

Great shorts!

Those are great! I love the details.

Love these! Fabulous as always, Teri!

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