Where to Even Start….

Posted on: 15 July, 08

Did ya notice I snuck away to Chicago for a few days?  Ah, the glory of a laptop.  There is so much to tell, maybe a few photos to upload.  The trip was lots of fun and lots of walking.  (You can imagine how much knee enjoyed that!)  There was some fabric shopping and meeting friends and lots of eating. 

Alas, the tales of my adventures will have to wait.  I need to read through my script a few more times before rehearsal this afternoon.  Yep, that’s right.  Me in a play.  The day before we left for Chicago, I auditioned for a play.  I missed the first rehearsal, so I have a little catching up to do.  It is a small play and an even smaller part, but this is something totally new for me.  I am usually a behind scenes kind of girl, preferring to fiddle with costumes and organize things backstage.  Stepping into the “limelight” is stepping way outside of my comfort zone.  It is good to do things outside of one’s comfort zone from time to time.  You know if you will like it until you try. 


3 Responses to "Where to Even Start…."

I don’t know which I want to hear more about – the fabrics you snagged and the food you ate in Chitown or the play audition! So… Freakin…. Cool! (in the words of the daughter)

Congrats on the casting!

This is exciting, congratulations!
I find performing so liberating. It makes us discover things in us we never knew were there!
Have a great time πŸ™‚

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